If you are looking to scale up your ecommerce sales, ensuring a smooth journey for your buyers is absolutely essential.

And that is where mpesa web integration comes in.

You see, a lot of Kenyans really love to use Mpesa to make online payments so it is important to provide MPESA payment option on your website.

In fact, only a handful of buyers hold credit cards in Kenya (previous research has found the number to be just about 250,000) so your best bet is having MPESA API integrated to your site.

And this cut across the board- you can make more sales online thanks to the convenience associated with MPESA whether you sell services such as courses or you are a big institution like a supermarket.

So, what options do you have if you’d like to complete MPESA C2B integration (Customer to Business) or B2B(Business to Business) on your e-commerce selling platforms?

Well, we look at this next…

MPESA Web Integration – your options

Of course, the key is to have your website run the MPESA web system without any hiccups.

Needless to say, that is the only way you can collect payments via MPESA otherwise your buyers will bounce off your site as soon as they reach the checkout step.

So, how do you integrate M-PESA into your online sales channels and start processing MPESA payments instantly?

Here are your alternatives:

Go DIY way

Now, if you’re a techie (or you have fair tech skills), you can take advantage of the resources Safaricom provides on the MPESA web portal to have any third party application plug into M-PESA.

In truth, with the new MPESA G2 portal (M-PESA 2nd generation portal), there are not many workarounds needed to add MPESA to your online selling platforms.

Be sure to go through the MPESA Daraja API tutorial first, if this is the route you’d prefer to take.

Hire a developer to do it for you

For the most part, developers are better placed when it comes to integrating your Lipa na MPESA payment service to all your e-commerce channels.

After all, it makes more business sense to have someone handle the technical bit since you’ll have more time in your hands to do what you know best- promoting your business online and handling orders.

Now, any developer worth his salt will add the required code and proceed to run transactions on test basis inside the Lipa Na Mpesa sandbox.

Of course, he/she will want to be sure that everything is being processed seamlessly including checking if the API is sending payment notifications to your phone before going live.

The best part?

A developer who has mastered the new MPESA G2 portal such as Wiseways Media will complete the entire MPESA API integration procedure within a few days (we all want our customers to enjoy the service almost immediately).

Plus, the fee is not only quite affordable but also negotiable.

All you need to do to have the company assist you is reach out to them –simply call/text/whatsapp +254 701 523 922 to speak to a developer.

MPESA Web Integration –available use cases

Now, with creativity, you can have MPESA work on virtually any platform.

Below are some of the most popular use cases:

MPESA Website Integration

This is by far the most in-demand option and the good thing is that MPESA API will work on nearly all websites.

So, whether your website is on WordPress (and WooCommerce), Joomla, or custom-coded on PHP (Or any other web development platform), it is possible to have your clients pay you using MPESA mobile payment service.

Moodle MPESA integration

Likewise, if you teach online using Moodle, you don’t need to lose business just because prospects cannot pay into your MPESA PayBill/Till Number.

Okay, there are some workarounds involved but once your developer cracks that, your students will be thanking you because they can finally pay for a course via MPESA.

MPESA integration in PHP

Again you have a reason to smile if your web store has been built from scratch on PHP (Laravel).

If truth be told, MPESA API seems to be in love with PHP- MPESA works so harmoniously on PHP/Laravel that you’d think MPESA and PHP are twins!

Try the PHP-MPESA integration and comment back with the results in the comments section.

Wrapping it up

In this article, we have learned that you can add MPESA payment capabilities on virtually any web-based selling channel (remember a vast majority of Kenyans will choose MPESA over other payment options).

As mentioned, you can do it yourself- if you have the required skills- or hire someone to complete the procedure for you.

Speak to us today, if you’re looking for an experienced MPESA Integration developer in Kenya.





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