M-Pesa is the leading mobile money network in Kenya. It has a market share of about 99% in the mobile money market. This would translate to 9 out 10 people using M-Pesa at any single moment. Safaricom has positioned M-Pesa as the dominant player in this market though accessibilty, reliability, superior functionality, aggressive development and supporting integrations with third party applications.

To continually position M-Pesa as a leading partner for online businesses, Safaricom has made it possible for businesses to integrate into their platform for those using any of the following services:

  1. M-Pesa Paybill
  2. Lipa na M-Pesa(Buy Goods)
  3. Buy airtime
  4. M-Pesa bulk payments
  5. M-Pesa Business to Business
  6. Customer STK push

By making it possible for businesses to integrate to the Safaricom API, one can leap numerous benefits:

  1. Selling online.
  2. Automating bill payments.
  3. Reconciling customer invoice and payments.
  4. Easing customer check out processes for e-commerce sites.
  5. Automating bulk payments to customers.
  6. Automating bulk payments to other businesses.
  7. 24/7 revenue collection
  8. Distributed revenue collection
  9. Centralized transaction reversals
  10. Centralized transaction approvals
  11. Automating cash reward systems

These are some of the benefits that M-Pesa is offering for those who prefer to integrate into their system. We have extensive experience working with M-Pesa integration and would be much happy to assist you leap these benefits. In case you need more information on how M-Pesa integration would work for you, write to us at info@wisewaymedia.co.ke or call us +254 701 523 922



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